Simon's first set of photos: Annotated

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W Tree Falls - Victoria, between Buccan and Suggan Buggan. Sitting above a cascade cooling off.
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Outside Bass - Victoria. Day 2. The bikes Bass is welcoming are the Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix. Damn shame lens flare stuffed up the shot.
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Seldom Seen Roadhouse - Victoria.
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Front View Anti Dive Suspension forks BMW Cruiser Motorcycle - Buccan Victoria. A photo for the home builders to raid for ideas.
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Buccan Caves Campsite Victoria. Trike and Wallaby. A shame about the lighting. The auto aperture thing on my camera isn't so crash hot.
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Ninety Mile Beach Photo 1 of 2 - Paradise Beach Campsite Victoria.
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Coastal Road between Wanthaggi and Inverloch Victoria.
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Kilcunda Caravan Park Victoria. Day 3 The array of solar hot water heaters in the background give this shot a good environmentalist feel to it. The front of the bike is also well displayed.
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Ninety Mile Beach Photo 2 of 2 - Paradise Beach Campsite Victoria.
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Outside Kilcunda Vic overlooking sea. Bike in clear shot, but I'm facing away from camera. Car in Shot.
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A bicycle lane in the middle of nowhere - Between Wonthaggi and Cape Patterson
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As above. I took two shots of it. Can't remember why.
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Echidna. Rotate photo Right 90 degrees. Princes Highway Btween Sale and Bairnsdale.
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View from Mount Hoddle Victoria (Between Inverloch and Foster). Bike in focus. I'm looking away from camera.
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Foster Post Office Victoria. As far south as my journey takes me. Focus not ideal.
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Campers Kitchen Toora Caravan Park. I'm wearing the tour de force rain coat - weird reflections. Test of the auto photo function - hence the stunned mullet expression.
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Claire on the road between Pakenham and Bass Victoria. This shot has a real 'Easy Rider' Ambience to it. - Despite the fact the wind was really blowing that day.
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Greg on the Greenspeed, Claire on Big Gail, Simon on B1 TriSled - LaTrobe River Bridge Sale. Caught by the auto timer. A "Must have taken the shot by now ... Oh Damn" moment.
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Another Auto timer shot. Latrobe River Bridge. The bridge rotates around the central support in the middle. Unfortunately the bike was cropped in the foreground.
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Tambo Upper (Between Bairnsdale and Buccan Victoria) - Flood plain.
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Buccan Caves Campsite - Buccan Vic. Bike and Wallaby. Bike obscured by shade. Never work with children or animals :-)
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Geoffory Browne Rescue Ranger. Buccan Caves Victoria
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Right Side View Anti Dive Suspension forks BMW Cruiser Motorcycle - Buccan Victoria. A photo for the home builders to raid for ideas. Note TriSled in Background, how the Shock connects to a beam between wheel and frame.
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Unknown location.
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I catch up with Geoff's car somewhere between Buccan and Suggan Buggan Victoria.
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Wonthaggi Secondary Collage Trike design workshop Wonthaggi Vic. Trisled and Big Gail in front of Race Machine.
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Close up of main boom (rather poorly) depicting the plate with my drivers licence details.
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Unknown Location Melbourne Vic. Night photo clearly depicting me and bike. I'm even facing the camera. A little reflected flash glare but otherwise a good shot.
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TriSled workshop - Dromana Victoria. A clear photo of my bike with fully faired TriSled race bike in background. A little flash glare from panniers and cranks but otherwise a fantastic shot.
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The start of the journey. 'The Public Purse' outside GPO Bourke Street Melbourne Vic. The shot was intended to depict the 0km on the Odometer, but this is barely visible.
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A journey Commences. Bourke Street GPO Melbourne Vic. 'The Public Purse', A Tram and bikes. A great shot. A little difficult to tell which is the Trisled and what is Big Gail but otherwise great.
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Claire and Simon on bikes outside Bourke Street GPO Melbourne Vic. Good Composition.
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Me on bike Melbourne Necoropolis Dandenong, Melbourne Vic.
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An attempt to photograph Claire in my rear view mirror. It didn't work.
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An attempt to photograph Claire whilst passing, between Packenham and Bass. Good focus Poor composition.
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Night photo. Me on bike. Unknown Location Melbourne. Big cheesy grin, black background. Reflected Flash from front of bike.
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Kate and unknown friend of Kate's. A bar in St Kilda, Melbourne Vic. Kate's Birthday
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Claire at bar in St Kilda, Melbourne Vic. Happy Grin. Kate's Birthday.
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Night photo of unknown subject.
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High Street Thornbury, Melbourne Vic. Shot through My legs showing Claire and Streetscape. I like this shot.
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s untitl23.jpg but photo depicts more of front of my bike and less streetscape. Gives action feel to shot.
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On my bike outside Adrian Gott's place Thornbury Melbourne Victoria. Focus slightly off but otherwise good shot.
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Attempted Action shot. Riding past camera - sports car sales yard in background. Good composition.g
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Derailier assembly restored 1930's BSA bicycle. Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet. Rotate photo right 90 degrees.
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As untitle2.jpg but depicts BSA crank set as well. A better shot.
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Adrian Gotts (rear) doing 'No Hands No Feet' stunt on his short wheelbase recumbent. Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet. Docklands Melbourne Vic
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Failed attempt to depict Steve Nurse and Son's Bicycle Chameleon in tandem configuration. Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet. Docklands Melbourne Vic
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Steve Nurse and Son's Bicycle Chameleon in tandem configuration. Note Steve (rear) does the steering. Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet. Docklands Melbourne Vic
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Unknown lycra clad roadies (race cyclists) Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet. Docklands Melbourne Vic
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Adrian Gotts and his homemade short wheel base bike. Claire guns the lights. Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet. Docklands Melbourne Vic
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Abandoned 4WD vehicle Melbourne Recumbent Riders Meet, Merri Creek Collingwood Victoria.
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Me on bike (blinking) inside Blue Velvet Bar Collingwood Melbourne Vic.
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