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19:00am - 9:55amRECEPTION OPENSRECEPTION OPENS9:00am - 9:55amFashion on the Edge - Haute Couture for the bleeding edge: Fashion of the Cyberpunks is more than just leather trenchcoats and mirrorshades. (Kaneda, Sheldon Gill, John Parker)Mein Leopard ist sehr groß - Mad German WWII plans and how they helped Hitler lose the war: Projects like Ratte (A 2000 Ton Tank mounting battleship guns as primary armament with a crew of 60) and the Silverbird (An orbital bomber designed to skim along outside the atmosphere, and bomb targets in the US) drew precious resources and helped the Axis forces lose the war. Here is a look at the sillier project and how much they changed the war, but not in ways their designers wanted. (Paul Kidd, Lee Battersby)

210:00am - 10:55amOpening Ceremony / Welcome / So it's your first con. (John Parker, Simon Oxwell, Stephen Dedman)Opening Ceremony10:00am - 10:55amThe New Wave - Cyberpunk v2.0: Authors like Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross have joined resurging authors like Bruce Sterling to create a new, relevant and vibrant SF scene. We examine some of the works and styles of this new wave. (Dave Cake, Darren Jorgensen)An Intimate Interview with Simon - A look at our Fan Guest of Honour courtesy of an interview with him by Grant Watson.

311:00am - 11:55amStephen Dedman GoH Speech / Launch (Stephen Dedman)Stephen Dedman GoH Speech11:00am - 11:55amThe Western Front - Media portrayal of Cyberpunk in Western Culture: Bladerunner, The Matrix, Jonny Mnemonic. Where the west gets it right and wrong. (Laura Gladstone, Damian Magee)I'm only interested in her mind - Love and AIs: As strong AIs emerge, will we see blossoming relationships between those of Flesh and Bone and those of Chrome and Carbon? On the net nobody knows you are an artificial neural ganglion analog? (Ju, Stephen Dedman)

412:00pm - 12:55pmCyberpunk... IS DEAD: A presentation on the first wave of Cyberpunk, what it was and where they got it so terribly terribly wrong. (Dave Cake)Cyberfeminism 101: the herstory of cyberfeminism from VNS Matrix and the Old Boys Room to cyberfeminism now (CyPEC)(Sarah Xu, Helen Merrick)12:00pm - 12:55pmThe Eastern Front - Media portrayal of Cyberpunk in Eastern Culture: Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor, The Returner, Serial Experiments Lain. Why is Cyberpunk so damn good in Japanese productions? (as well a a look at Chinese, Korean and other cultural portrayals) (Damian Magee, Grant Watson)Meet the Ancestors: where did the cyberpunks get their ideas from? Brunner, Clarke Heinelin and other influences on the "classic" cyberpunk worlds. (Helen Merrick, Lee Battersby)


52:30pm - 3:25pmWe Know Your Every Thought - Privacy in the Digital Age: A discussion on Privacy, Cryptography, Data Mining and Rights in the age of Google and Facebook. (Kate Raynes-Goldie, Dave Cake)Being Frankenstein (or, I'd rather be a cyborg than a goddess): how science & society work to configure bodies (especially women's bodies) as monstrous and 'carnival' (Tess Williams, Cynthia Verspaget)2:30pm - 3:25pmThe Obligitary Singularity panel - A factual presentation on the Singularity: Why do so many authors get all twitchy when the singularity is mentioned? What is it? Why is it so important? Why will it happen? Why won't it happen? (Dave Cake, Simon Oxwell, Jeremy Byrne)16 Bit Commandos - Cyberpunk in videogames: Looking over the portrayal of cyberpunk worlds in videogames. System Shock, Deus Ex, Shadowrun, Uplink and Neuromancer. With one of the Shadowrun for SNES authors on board! (Paul Kidd, Matthew Jones, Grant Watson)

63:30pm - 4:25pmZeroes and Ones will take us there - The music and sounds of Cyberpunk: In the late eighties and early ninties, starting in the alternative music scene, some of the same influences shaping the cyberpunk writing scene were shaping the music. In return the music was shaping the writing. A look at the alternative music scene of the time and what the influences were. Front 242, FLA, NWA, Jesus Jones and much much more. (Sheldon Gill, John Parker)Bingo! - the importance of subversive humor in cyberfeminism, culture jamming and on-line activism (Sarah Xu, Cathy Cupit and virtual guest Lara Hopkins)3:30pm - 4:25pmPacking for the Apocalypse: What would you take to the end of the world? A car of booze, ammo and women is a favourite for some, for others it's the protein pills and the silver radiation suit. (Sarah Parker, Elaine Kemp, Lyn Battersby)The Future's so bright I gotta wear Mirrorshades - A look at emerging technologies: Presenting and discussing the various positive discoveries and achievments that have either just occurred, or are in the process of occurring now. Examples will include power generation, medical advances, computing discoveries and ways to get the hell off this planet. (Rob Masters, Steve G, Chris Creagh

74:30pm - 5:25pmMarginalia - Readings from a new novel by Laney Cairo:If you’re scratching out a life on the margins of Sydney, like Quint, having a corporate employee as a lover is damned useful. Water, solar panels, decent food, hot sex and a twisted interest in body-modding; Quint couldn’t think of anything else he could want from his lover, Bailey. There are more important things than food and sex, though, like getting out of Immigration detention, but it’s going to take more than money for Bailey to rescue Quint.The novella “Marginalia” will be published in the Torquere anthology Spiked, available January 2008.Open Source for grrls: open source software and open source culture (Kate Raynes-Goldie, Sarah Xu, Dave Cake)4:30pm - 4:45pmClosing Ceremony

85:30pm - 6:25pmDodge the Cliches: What they are, who wrote them and how to avoid stepping in them (Stephen Dedman, Lee Battersby)Advocacy, Feminism and Transformative Works: How an
internet community engages with real-world social
systems. (Cathy Cupitt, Helen Merrick)


98:00pm - 8:55pmDogs, Judges and Warlocks - 2000AD the comic: 2000AD was a hellish pressurecooker that ate young writers and artists and somehow managed to churn out some of the greatest stories ever. The list of talent promoted by them includes: Alan Moore, Steve Yeowell, Alan Davis, Carlos Equezerra, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison and many, many more! (Drhoz, Grant Stone, Craig Stephenson)Roleplaying In the Chrome Age:Comparing the various RPG systems out there, their worlds and comparing them to see what works and what doesn't: Cyberpunk, GURPS Cyberpunk, ICE Cyberspace, Shadowrun and others. (Dave Cake, Peter Kelly)

109:00pm - 9:55pmFetishpunk: The fetish scene adopted and modified many cyberpunk tropes and made them their own. Don't believe me? Watch the nightclub scene in Matrix Reloaded again.(John Parker, Elaine Kemp)